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Guatemala San Buenaventura

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Samtainā, dziļā, daudzpusīgā kafija savas nokrāsas neatklāj uzreiz, bet pakāpeniski. Šokolādes toņus nomaina viegls augļu skābums. Stiprs, stabils aromāts, tā galvenās notis — rūgtā šokolāde un zemesrieksti, ko nomaina vieglākas maizes garšas nianses.

Tasting note:

Very sweet coffee reminding of dulce de leche, dry fruits and chocolate, with a nice aromatic persistence. Its intensity is soft and delicate. The texture is rich and creamy.


This 35 ha farm belonging to Jorge Oliveros is located in the Alotenango area in the Antigua region. Coffees are produced on volcanic and sandy soil, at between 1400 and 1675m altitude and cherries are hand harvested and are fully washed. In 1945, José Godoy planted the first coffee trees in what today is known as Finca San Buenaventura. Today, the third generation of the Godoy family continues to manage the 35 ha farm in the beautiful region of Alotenango, Sacatepequez, growing Bourbons, Caturras and Catuais.  Recognized as a Genuine Antigua Coffee, the coffee in San Buenaventura is grown under Gravilea shade at an altitude of 1400-1674 meters. This mountainous region is surrounded by three volcanoes: Volcan de Acatenango, Volcan de Fuego, and Volcan de Agua; providing the farm with beautiful views, and most importantly, with mineral rich soils and the varied micro- climates, making the area an ideal location to grow excellent coffee.  San Buenaventura processes its coffee at Beneficio San Miguel, assuring that the coffee is milled with the best post- harvesting techniques to ensure a great quality in the cup. With a great focus on the protecting the environment, Finca San Buenaventura and Beneficio San Miguel strive to apply sustainable practices, such as water-conservation and waste-water treatment, at every step.

Farm/Cooperative/Label: San Buenaventura

Producer: Jorge Oliveros

Region: Antiqua (Guatemala)

Varietal: Arabica - bourbon / caturra

Altitude: 1400 -1675m

Process: Fully washed

Harvest period: November - February

Roast: 7

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