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Colombia Tello Women Coffee Project, coffee


Sabalansēta, piesātināta garša. Spilgts, izteikts dzēriena aromāts, kurā izpaužas žāvētu augļu notis. Tīra, viegla, caurspīdīga pēcgarša ar patīkamu un izsmalcinātu augļu garšu.

Tasting note:

Gourmet nose with fruity and citrusy notes, which are confirmed on the palate, with a thick and silky body. Long lasting aromas accompanied by a dash of woodiness.


Over the last few years, the regions of Huila and Tolima, located near the Valle del Cauca region, have produced some of the biggest surprises in terms of quality. This can easily be seen at both national and international coffee competitions. Huila is today the most productive coffee growing region in the country. The area is well known for the quality and advantageous size of the beans it produces, with 30% of coffees graded as ?Supremos? (compared to 12% in Armenia/Pereira).  One of the best known of Huila is town of Pitalito. Coffee plantations are located at between 1300 and 17oom above sea level. In addition highly distinct of its coffee, which differs greatly from other regions, one of its main assets is that it has a high concentration in Caturra variety compared to the inferior rust-resistant “ Colombia y Castillo” variety.  For this reason, Pitalito stands out from other coffee growing regions in Colombia, where rust-resistant varieties are found more often.   In Pitalito, most producers are small-holders working farms of between 1 and 5 ha, producing between just 10 and 50 bags for export. The sector is fully aware of the quality of the region's coffees, promoting the fully washed process, and training producers to improve quality and strive to achieve consistent quality.

Farm/Cooperative/Label: Macao

Producer: Several producers

Region: Huila (Colombia)

Varietal: Arabica - caturra

Altitude: 1400 -1800m

Process: Fully washed

Harvest period: September until December

Roast: 5

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