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Dark hot chocolateMONBANA Tanzania, 225 g


Discover the Essence of Tanzania: Dark Chocolate Powder with 55% Cocoa

Discover the Essence of Tanzania: Dark Chocolate Powder with 55% Cocoa

Elevate your gourmet experiences with our Tanzania Dark Chocolate Powder, a pure origin delight selected for its profound taste, intense texture, and the untouched beauty of its origin. This luxurious cocoa powder, featuring a robust 55% cocoa content, invites you on a sensory journey to the heart of Tanzania, where the power of pure cocoa is unleashed.

Why Choose Tanzania Dark Chocolate Powder?

  • Intense Chocolate Experience: Dive into the deep, dark color and embrace the intense cocoa taste. Our powder promises an authentic chocolate indulgence, making every sip a real invitation to travel through taste.

  • Less Sugar, More Cocoa: Enjoy the original taste of cocoa with less added sugar. We've crafted this blend to highlight the rich, natural flavors of Tanzanian cocoa, offering a healthier yet equally satisfying option.

  • Velvety Smooth Texture: With a texture rating that spans from smooth to thick, our dark chocolate powder guarantees a velvety, luxurious mouthfeel, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in their chocolate drink.

  • Rich in Flavor: Made with the finest cocoa butter for a richer taste, our powder boasts a high-quality selection of raw materials. The taste profile includes spicy, floral, and woody notes, with hints of cereals and a smoky undertone, complemented by green, milky, sour, and fruity nuances.

  • Versatile Preparation: Whether you prefer your chocolate drink with milk or a plant-based alternative, our powder blends seamlessly, ensuring a rich and creamy texture. Follow our French-inspired recipe for a gourmet hot chocolate that's both easy to make and irresistibly delicious.

Gourmet Made Easy:

Our Tanzania Dark Chocolate Powder comes in a convenient box, ensuring you have enough to delight your senses time and time again. Ideal for both personal indulgence and professional use, it's a testament to your exquisite taste and a reflection of your gourmet expertise.

Serving Suggestion:

Prepare an amazing hot chocolate with a character that combines the robustness of 55% cocoa and the smoothness of milk, topped with a dollop of whipped cream for the ultimate treat. It's more than just a drink; it's an experience.

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