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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Meteku Shento coffee, 1 kg


Dzēriena maigo augļu un medus garšu pavada ilgstoša ziedu pēcgarša. Izteikts, noturīgs aromāts ar tropisko augļu notīm un vieglu citrusaugļu akcentu. Vidēji stiprs un labi sabalansēts dzēriens.

Tasting note:

This forest coffee has a lovely aromatic bouquet with notes of citrus and yellow ripe fruits. A refreshing acidity is combined with sweetness and an ample body. It is a well balanced, complex and very feminine coffee.


Kaffa is a southwestern province of Ethiopia, whose capital is Djimmah. This province was created in 1942 during the empire's reorganization, after Italian occupation. Two large production areas became famous in Kaffa: Limu, which produces washed coffees, and Djimmah, producing natural coffees. Djimmah now accounts for half of the country exports in coffee.  For the first year, Belco has developed a grade 2 Djimmah from a coffee forest that has a beautiful biodiversity in terms of trees and wildlife species. Located in the Seka area between 1600 and 1700m above sea level, this plantation is a magnificent 650 ha forest, of which 420 ha are planted with coffee, belonging to Blen Berhane, owner of Plantation Bazen PLC. The Olma plantation is divided into four areas, mainly planted between 2000 and 2008. The dominant moka found in this plantation are 74110, 74158, 74165, 74140.  This plantation yields are very low: 400 kg per hectare for the 2013/2014 harvest, while the most productive farms in the region produce 1.2 tons per hectare. The coffee is dried on African beds for 15 days and stirred 5 times a day. Drying is finished on a cemented area for about 5 days, allowing the humidity levels to stay below 12%.

Farm/Cooperative/Label: Olme farm

Producer: Bazen plantation

Region: Kaffa - Djimmah (Ethiopia)

Varietal: Arabica - 74110 and 74140

Altitude: 1800 -2000m

Process: Natural

Harvest period: mid. November to January

Roast: 3

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