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Kafija no Karību Salas baseina atšķiras ar piesātinātu un maigu  kafijas garšu. Ar šokolādes-krēmīgo struktūru, spilgti izteiktu karameļu pēcgaršu un viegliem tabakas pustoņiem.

Tasting note:

A light and silky texture for this coffee. A very pleasant opening around sweet notes of hazelnuts, praline and dry fruits.


Samuel is the owner of Samir Estate and is also an old friend of Belco so we are very happy to offer its coffees this year. He is producing typica, caturra catuaí coffees in the city of Rancho Arriba, on a 88 hectares farm.  Ulrich Baltensperger, founder of the café SAMIR, has purchased the first parcel of land of his farm in 1985, when he moved from Switzerland to Dominican Republic. Gradually, the farm expended and fitted out with a processing plant for export, but also with a roastery increase the possible market for its coffee. Thus began the adventure of roasting "SAMIR Café” in the Dominican Republic. In recent years, Samir Estate also invests in the quality of its coffee with the purchase of new machinery for the further development of green coffee production ,including a size-grader, polisher, densimetric table, and color-sorter. In response to the companys coffee drying needs, the company builds a 600 square-meter covered sun-drying coffee patio. In 2011 they installed a ecologic processing machine (including a mechanical siphon, green beans separator, pulpers and mechanical desmucilater) for a minimal use of water in this procces.  The SAMIR, S.A. Company consistently implements new techniques in order to protect water sources, plants, and animals. A few of these practices are: - The hunting of animals inside the plantation is prohibited,  - The cutting of shade trees within the coffee-producing areas is strictly controlled. That is, branches are only thinned necessarily so that the coffee trees develop normally.  - The reforestation of native trees in parcels not appropriate for coffee production is practiced,  - The construction of a system to treat the residual waste-water from coffee processing, made up of two bio-digesters of 25 cubic meters each, with respective sedimentation lagoons has been implemented.

Farm/Cooperative/Label: Samir Estate

Producer: Samuel Baltensperger

Region: Ocoa (Dominican Republic)

Varietal: Caturra/Catuai

Altitude: 900 -1000m

Process: Fully washed

Harvest period: March to June

Roast: 8

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