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Brazil Bahia

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Piesātinātā kafija ar viegli krēmīgām notīm, un karameļu piegaršu. Dziļš aromāts ar izteiktām riekstu niansēm. 

Tasting note:

Sweet and light coffee and a good length on the palate.


Bahia is a state on the north east Atlantic coast of Brazil which has long been a focal point for European, African and Amerindian culture, where coffee growing has only recently been developed. The varieties grown are Catuai and Caturra, located at between 900 and 1050 metres asl. The climatic conditions of this terroir create uniform maturity thanks to the perfect balance between humidity and heat. Its exceptional resources of water and its sandy soil enable these two varieties to perfectly develop. They are then wet processed. Over the years, all of these assets have allowed all local stakeholders to become experts in the coffee sector and to be able to compete with the great Brazilian coffee regions. The development of coffee growing in this region has transformed the local economy.

Farm/Cooperative/Label: Bahia

Producer: Several producers

Region: Bahia (Brazil)

Varietal: Arabica - varietals blend

Altitude: 1000m

Process: Fully washed

Harvest period: March to November

Roast: 7

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